Things to Know

The building industry can be a minefield, but we manage this so you don’t have to.

We aim to price projects properly from the outset and be honest and open about time and how we have priced the works. When we price works we give a detailed break down, so you can be in control from the outset. This takes the stress out from both sides and means you do finish on time and on budget.

We use all profesional trades people and do things right the first time, so they last. Only NICEIC registered electricians and Gas Safe plumbers work for us.

There are so many different aproaches to building from the chancer trying to do it all to the larger contractor subcontracting everything to specialists. We fall in the middle, both in our pricing and aproach, but we work to the high end on quality

The simplest little detail of using an in adiquate board / water proofing in a shower, can mean grout starts cracking and in a years time tiles start to fall off.

We know the imortance of every layer of the build to make sure the work lasts and with stands the preasures of time and use.


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