Your Local environment.

We know you have to live in the area long after we have gone and act accordingly by;

  • Keeping the site safe and secure to avoid accidents
  • keeping pavements and common parts clean and free from materials and rubbish.
  • Monitoring and seeing in all delivery lorries to ensure pedestrian safety, make sure no damage is done and everyone is inconvenienced as little as possible.
  • Being kind, courteous and understanding to your neighbours.
  • Asking staff and subcontractors to avoid hanging around outside the property.
  • Limiting the number of vans parked out side.

Global environment

We areĀ  are mindful of wasting less and using materials from renewable sources.

We endeavor to be environmentally friendly by;

  • Using waste management and recycling companies like Ron Smiths who recycle up to 95% of the waste we put in their skips.
  • Placing bulk orders for materials to avoid excess deliveries or shooting off to buy things.
  • largely using Travis Perkins for our building materials as they have local branches and source their materials from renewable sources where possible.
  • traveling to site on public transport when possible.
  • Working with clients to product an energy efficient building.
  • Keeping up with new developments in the industry

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